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Nonprofit Law Library

Legal Counsel for Philanthropy and the Nonprofit Sector

Information and resources on nonprofit law & regulation

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Nonprofit Law Resource Library

Welcome to the Hurwit & Associates’ Nonprofit Law Resource Library. We are pleased to make this resource available to our clients, fellow nonprofit professionals, and visitors to our website. We hope you will find the articles, organizational charts, and other information useful in providing background and insight on your nonprofit legal and organizational interests and concerns.

These materials were developed by our attorneys over the course of many years, often in response to repeated inquiries and issues commonly faced by clients. Some of the materials, such as the Nonprofit Organizational Charts and Board Roles and Responsibilities, provide context and big picture overview. Others, such as the outlines on Family Foundations: Pros and Cons and the Spectrum of Organizational Relationships (for organizations contemplating merger/affiliation), can serve as a valuable point of departure for your deliberations on such significant undertakings.

The Resource Library also contains a complete State-by-State Registration & Compliance section which is designed to help organizations understand and navigate state and federal legal compliance requirements. Specific filing information on the corporate, tax, and charities filings required in all fifty states is provided in three sections:

  • Initial registrations and filings required to form a new nonprofit organization.
  • Annual filing requirements for existing organizations.
  • Employment filings for organizations with employees.

This section also contains links to the nonprofit statutes of each state.

We also invite you to browse our News & Announcements page for information and legal updates affecting tax-exempt organizations.

We welcome your comments and questions. Please don't hesitate to contact us or email us at info@hurwitassociates.com.


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